1939Rover Scout Moot, Monzie

The only recognised international event held in Scotland was the 1939 Rover Moot held in Monzie (pron Mon – ee) in Perthshire.

3500 Scouts from 45 countries came together on the eve of the second war to celebrate Scouting.  Groups attending had to provide details on their port of entry and were directed to find their way to Crieff by rail where they would be bussed to site. Scottish Rovers served as guides, security and ‘uncles’ for the duration. The camp fee was £4 which covered all train travel within the UK to Crieff and food, firewood and some excursions. 

A limited number of products were made available – a curved scout stave badge, a small enamel badge, a fabric unifom badge, a pennant and a woggle were available, as well as a participant booklet (including site map) and a souvenir book post event. These products remain very rare.

                                        Image                       Image 


Twenty one different hikes were included from which the Rovers could select and the Moot included a visit to Edinburgh. 

Countries represented included Armenia, Siam, Trinidad, USA, Indo-China and India. Scottish HQ fortunately retains some wonderful materials from the Moot including the flag (below)



The subject of my previous post, John Davidson visited the camp in 1939 and his diary records the event in great detail and some of the many Rovers he met there. I particularly like the double bass….





The Scottish media made a great deal of the event with the Scotsman covering it extensively.

A great event.




8 comments on “1939Rover Scout Moot, Monzie

  1. Victor edmonds says:

    24 rover scouts including the 12 man 1st Wicklow, lord powerscourt,s own, rover scout pipe band attended the 1939 moot. The band were immensley popular and gave exhibitions of irish dancing as well as piping. The irish shared their campsite with hrh crown prince Emmanuel of liechestein and his rovers. My late father Samuel Edmonds was one of the irish rover scouts who attended and said that the local people brought the rovers into their homes for tea. Despite extensive research I have never seen your Monzie photos before. Yours in scouting, victor edmonds

  2. Pat cochrane says:

    Hi I was wondering was there any scout groups from Northern Ireland at monzie castle , I was a scout myself years ago and among my old gear is a copper brown coloured ring dated 1939 monzie castle Scotland with antlers and a coat o arms ,I can’t remember where or when I got it , thanks pat

  3. Jill Huntley says:

    My uncle, recently passed, was a scout badge collector. He rose through the ranks from cub to scout leader and continued his involvement for many years. Up until he died he was a member of the International Badgers Club and has left his hefty collection to me and my brother. Among his scouting memorabilia is a newspaper called ‘The Moot’ from the Monzie moot of 1939. I think there is also a souvenir book. I expect, based on your comment about the rarity of various items, these items might also be rare. Any idea how I go about finding out about them?

  4. Jill Huntley says:

    Thank you. I am thinking about value but also who might actually be interested in these things.

  5. Driada says:

    I’ve got “Monzie Castle Scotland Rover Scouts Moot” walking stick with the badge from 1939. Is anyone interested to buy it?

  6. Martin Cox says:

    My late father, J.R. (Jack) Cox was at the Moot and edited the final report. I have a copy and happy to share details if anyone is interested. He became a journalist and editor of Boys Own Paper after the war. His papers, which include a lot about Scouting, are now in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, which was where he was from.

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